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These are usually annual and are offered in specific markets. Please contact us for more details.

Delivering your message to the right audience, with results.

Our media team is encouraged to think of the box, beside it, inside it, whatever is necessary to achieve objectives! Operating in a region where information is limited, we are always faced with proving ourselves and what we can offer. We stay connected and relevant by staying on the pulse of new and emerging media trends.  We subscribe to local, niche publications, stay tuned on social platforms and keep the lines of communication open with our associates in media.

Our long standing relationships with our vendors allows us to secure the best negotiated rates and packages for our clients.


This is a touch point for us.  Far to often brands come to us with healthy budgets, clear objectives but generic artwork.  Our team has the knowledge, experience and know how to customize your message to your intended target audience (localize) while staying relevant to your overall (global) campaign objectives.

Bringing your idea to life.

Though we’re not a full service agency, we’re been in media for a while and can connect you (and work along side) recommended creative agencies. We have a resource list that ranges from large well recognized agencies to individual designers, voice talent etc. to suit your specific needs.

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We source & coordinate support for commissioned services, such as research, regional event management and media monitoring.

We also work closely with the leaders in research, PR & event management.

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