Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are you a full service agency?

We’re not; we specialize in strategic media planning and placement. We do however have a strong network of resources that we work with for artwork and production.

2. What markets do you book media in?

We can effectively coordinate and manage your media campaigns in any Caribbean market- English, Spanish and French.

3. What type/s of media do you represent?

We work with the leading media houses in Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Out-of-Home and Digital.

4. We are an advertising agency, can you still assist us?

We sure can, we work directly with clients or with other advertising agencies. Whichever works best in achieving the client’s objectives!

5. What’s this going to cost us/our clients?

Our model was established specifically to assist international/regional clients to reach their intended target and achieve their objectives in the Caribbean markets without receiving an inflated cost. Depending on your company’s/client’s needs, objectives and budgets, various options can be considered. These may include consultation fees, retainer fees, project fees and/or agency commission.

6. My office/agency is not in the markets we will like to advertise in, how will we if know our campaign was booked?

We provide monthly reports reflecting all activity booked i.e. electronic tear sheets and radio & TV logs/affidavits. We even go a step further by mailing you all of the physical copies at the end of each campaign.

7. Ok so I’m satisfied, how do I get started?

It can’t get any simpler! Click here to get started.