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Caribbean Media Experts or simply CME is the product of a passionate plea for better and more!  Better service, more data!  We specialise in strategic media planning/placement, and we’re here to help you decode and understand the Caribbean.  Before we go forward let’s go back 10 odd years, we were a team of professionals in the industry, fortunate enough to have represented some of the biggest international brands, achieved/surpassed targets, yet felt incomplete. Incomplete in that we were winging it!

Over time we continued to look to industry leaders to step up to the bar, that stakeholders provide a more efficient service.   Invest in research, qualitative and quantitative, and really provide a our marketing counterparts, the persons charged with the big budgets what they really needed.

Then in 2013 opportunity knocked. We were being offered new positions, some at large media conglomerates.   At the same time the conversation of doing it right came up again and at this point Caribbean Media Experts was formed and got a pulse.  It wasn’t all history after though as we each ended up weighing our options and opted to focus on our individual careers.

This brings us to 2017, again measuring the industry needs and our contribution. Opportunity knocked again and this time we answered.  It is our mission to provide exceptional customer services, and to be known as the industry leaders by providing our clients with impactful, strategic media placement and efficiency.

Our philosophy

We are driven by our passion for media and the role of media in the grand scheme of things. We are thirsty for knowledge and continue to seek out new opportunities that can improve the decision making process for our clients. We have no competitors; we’ll work with any like minded company seeking results, global agencies and clients directly. We’re committed to continuously raising the bar, for more information, more data.

strategy & mission

  • To help our clients to better understand our region so that they can make smart,
    informed decisions
  • To help brands/multinational companies to effectively reach their target audiences in
    our region
  • To provide a centralized hub and a seamless experience to media buying

Experienced team
CME comprises of persons working in the Caribbean media industry for over 12 years. We have worked with clients from around the globe: Botswana, Kuwait, London, as well as a host of Caribbean islands.
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